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“Grab Her By the Pussy”

Everyone is aware of the horrendous candidate we have running as president, Donald Trump. I am not much into politics, which is why I avoid writing about it at all costs, but it doesn’t take a political genius to know that this election is fucked. As I always say, you know the future of this country is doomed when Hilary Clinton is our best option.

Even if you do not have (or care to have) an understanding of politics like me,  you very well are aware of some of the disgusting things Donald Trump has said. From making fun of a handicapped person, to saying he would want to date his own daughter, it’s a wonder how this man is still even a candidate that people actually want to vote for. I guess it says a lot about how fucked humanity is.

This post is to address something Donald Trump recently did. Something that proves he is a sexist, disrespectful, remorseless piece of shit. As if we did not know this already.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably heard of Donald Trump’s recent audio released in which he was bragging to Billy Bush about a time he attempted to make a move on a married woman despite it being against her wishes. Donald Trump dismissed this conversation as “locker room banter.” Donald Trump swears he has respect for women, and that this conversation took place a long time ago. Let’s take a look at this “locker room banter,” shall we?

“I said I’ll take you out furniture shopping. I took her out furniture.  I moved on her like a bitch, but I couldn’t get there, and she was married.”

“Then all of a sudden I see her now, she’s got the big phony tits and everything. She’s totally changed her look.” 

“I better use some tic tacs just in case I start kissing her. You know I am automatically attracted to beautiful-I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab her by the pussy….

Jesus Christ. Just a reminder, this man is running for president. The election is next month. With that being said, let me dissect this into a few points:

*Donald Trump was already with his current wife, Melania Trump, when he said all this. When meeting with the soap opera star he and Bush saw when they got off their bus, Trump hugged the star, who was an attractive young woman, and said that Melania was okay with this. Now the hug was a harmless act, as men hug women all the time. Yet speaking of women in such a manner when he is a married man, and talking of wanting to kiss any beautiful woman he sees, is disgusting. There is a fine line between looking and controlling yourself, and looking and wanting to act upon it when you know you are taken.

*Based on Trump’s choice of words, “moved on her like a bitch,” he is implying that he did not come onto her simply by asking her out or showing attraction to her. Oh no, he moved on her like a bitch. With the words, “Like a bitch” one can assume thay Trump had made a move on her intensely. If anyone, and I mean anyone, ever shows a lack of interest to your advances, you leave them alone. You don’t kiss someone unless you have their permission to do so. You do not start to unbutton someone’s clothes or stick your hand down their pants unless you have the permission to do so. You do not have the right to perform any kind of sexual act on someone unless you have the permission to do so. If someone does not give consent when they are in a sober mindset, leave them alone. You should not persist when they have already made up their mind. Who the fuck are you to decided someone is entitled to say yes to you? Pressuring someone when they have already made up their mind is equivalent to a child constantly whining, “I want it!” when their parents said no, hoping a tantrum will change their parent’s mind. Then again, Donald Trump is famous for his child-like tantrums.

*Women. Are. Not. Objects. They have feelings and wants. If that want is not kissing you, then you should respect it. You should not go and kiss someone just because it is what YOU want, and just because YOU think they are attractive. So many men pass attractive women every day that they might want to kiss, but they don’t because you CAN help yourself if you have the right amount of self-control. Not to mention the fact that he said he doesn’t even wait. It’s like a man sees a woman at a party who he thinks is entitled to her, and he doesn’t even get to know her or allow her to determine whether or not she is attracted first. He just kisses her, whether she likes it or not. You know who else uses this kind of logic, rapists. Even if he said kiss, a kiss is still a form of intimacy that you cannot share with someone who does not want it without forcing them or making them feel uncomfortable.

*The defense that this was “locker room talk” is equivalent to those who justify catcalling by claiming that they were “just being friendly.” Imagine if you were married, and some entitled fucktard with a funny-looking wig attempted to make a move on your woman knowing full well that they are married to you. He talked about her tits and gloated about how he moved on her like a bitch even after she not only noted that she was married, but also that she is not interested. There is a difference between talkng with your guys with towels wrapped around your waste as you prepare for your next game about some chick you banged (with consent) that had huge hoo-has,  and bragging about how you flopped yourself on top of that big-breasted girl by force.

*It doesn’t matter how long ago he said it. Donald Trump has proved on more occasions than one that he is a sexist, arrogant pig. There is no doubt he still has this mindset. Remember, this is a man who talks about sleeping with his daughter and belittles Hilary Clinton. Don’t even say that, “well he did apologize.” Apologies don’t fix what you did, actions do. If Trump was not a sexist piece of shit then maybe this audio could be forgiven (of course since what Trump says is similar to that of a rapist, him being forgiven is questionable) but he has not changed. He is not sorry he said what he said; rather that he got caught.


*Sure, no one is perfect, but this is a man running for president. The democracy we are promised and the freedom of this country is bullshit, but as a leader of this country, should we really have someone who makes comments that are equivalent of that of a rapist as I have analyzed? Let alone the fact that his constant tantrums prove that he should not be trusted with access to all the nuclear weapons we have. Lord knows another World War III will erupt the moment Donald Trump even steps in that office, and God forbid he does ever get elected to that office. Not to mention that he does say, “when you are a star, you can do anything.” So since he thinks that women are dumb enough to fall for any guy just because he is famous, imagine what he would think of attractive women who he can’t control himself around as president. If he slaps the ass of a young hot thing while in office, and unlike Monica Lewinsky, she is not interested in using an affair with the president to pretend that she is relevant, then he will likely use the excuse that he is the leader of this country. Never mind what she wants; that dumb bitch better bow down to the needs of the star of this country!

I am just about done attempting to talk politics, but I will say that it is a wonder why one would vote for Donald Trump on November 8th. This stunt just further proves he is the sexist, arrogant, bastard we all know and hate. Still, if Trump really wants to win, there is one effective method he could do to win these elections aside from winning the likes of hillbillies down south who fuck their cousins; he could grab them by the pussy!