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Inktober Day 7: All Eyes On Me 

I am back! I know October is almost over, but I have been working hard all weekend to catch up with that Inktober to-do list I made. I am determined to be caught up by the end of the week. 

Day 7: Shy 

“All Eyes On Me”

“That kid who always sat by herself at recess, who went the whole day without saying a word, and who you saw in the halls that interacted with no one, that was always me. I have always suffered from social anxiety, but I never knew there was an actual name for it until I was older. As a child, I always thought there was something wrong with me. I never liked playing with the other kids, I had nothing to say to anyone, and I never quite fit in. I was always like a puzzle piece that got mixed in with the wrong set. There were a few kids who attempted to be my friend, but I always was too shy to speak. As a result, most people bullied me as opposed to trying to get to know me because it was so much easier to call the odd one out a weirdo and retarded. Though my desire to be alone subsided as I reached my adolescent years, I still had been too socially awkward to properly communicate with anyone. My years of isolation and being mocked to a point where I could barely utter a single word without being teased caused me to develop an inferiority complex so strong that I had been unable to speak without stuttering, shaking, and reflecting on everything I would say to someone afterwards. Even if they weren’t judging me, my mind would convince me otherwise. Though I have become much more self-confident thanks to years of being involved with theatre, being in college, and the various jobs working with people that I have had, I still struggle with being more sociable and with feeling like everyone is silently judging me. I hear the voices of those that had teased me growing up for being socially awkward in my head, and I obsessively overthink everything I say and do in my head. Thanks to social anxiety, I feel like everyone is always laughing at me internally, and like everyone’s eyes were on me.”


Inktober Day 10: Not a Compliment 

I really need a scanner 😦

This is one I was looking forward to for a while, mainly because I had never drawn animals before. Also because I wanted to give a message.


Day 10-1: The Cat (Female) from Anthromorphic People prompt

“Not a Compliment”: “I was ten years old when a guy first looked at me sexually. I was eleven when a guy on the internet who stalked an older friend of mine preyed on me because I was “cute”. I was fourteen when a Senior pulled me onto his lap at a high school dance. I was also fourteen when a guy stalked me home for the first time no matter how much I ignored him. I was sixteen when an guy grabbed my ass at a party and attempted to take advantage of the fact that I was drunk, and that same night the ‘friend’ I came with just laughed at this and left me to fend for myself. At seventeen I was called ugly and a bitch by guys online just because I wouldn’t send nudes. I was eighteen when a Professor that I trusted had become too friendly with me. I was also eighteen when a “boyfriend” I had at the time blamed a few guys making lewd comments toward me on the fact that I was wearing shorts. I was nineteen when someone another student in my college at the time had stalked me through Facebook and my classes and I was told that it wasn’t stalking if he wasn’t directly behind me. I was twenty when I was catcalled in the hallways at work and when I reported it, another girl who overheard said he only did it because “I’m pretty.” Earlier this year, I was harassed by a “friend” from high school and a guy on the train followed me and threatened to beat me up if I kept ignoring him and pulled out a pair of dirty panties from his bag. I am twenty-one going on twenty-two and I still face these harassments on the street, the “hey sexy”s and the lewd comments about me as if I am a piece of meat. It is not a boost to my self-esteem, and it is not a compliment. I am a human, not a cat, so don’t make kissy noises at me.”

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About Last Night preview coming Soon! 

“About Last Night” Release Date

What would you do if you could not remember the night that changed your life forever? Thomas Polanco faces this situation one night at a party during his Sophomore year of college. People are giving him looks and his loved ones are suddenly treating him differently, but no one will tell him why. As time passes and his memory slowly comes back to him, social media publicly reveals an event he doesn’t remember happening and Thomas is unsure if he can handle it.
A two-chapter preview will be avaliable on soon on Amazon Kindle and the full novel will be available sometime in Spring 2018. 

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Presenting a Situation for Something I am Working on, Please Give Your Honest Opinions.

Hello all. I know I have not posted since January, and I apologize for the delay in posts. I plan on getting back to stories, plays, and vents as often as possible now that many ideas are finally flowing through my head once again and now that I am finding inspiration again. Early 2017 was certainly a rough few months for me and depression was keeping me from being able to focus my mind on one set project. I am, however, back finally and planning on releasing a few things this summer. In fact, I have an announcement to make in an upcoming blog that is set to be published tomorrow or Thursday.

I know this is a weird first post to make considering I have been inactive for about six months now, but I am working on something that requires me to ask these questions and I want to get as many answers as possible. I posted this following message on my Facebook and Facebook page, and figured this blog would also be a good place to gather opinions as well:

I am currently in the process of working on something for something, and I currently am seeking some opinions on the situation presented in what I am working on. I usually never do this, but I really do kinda need as many opinions as possible. I will not be publishing out any names for said thing I am working on, nor will I be ridiculing anyone for their opinion. I would appreciate if likewise, no one would judge anyone else for their opinion either. I know that is near impossible for anyone to do so on the internet as anything that warrants an opinion on the internet and that can create controversy causes an uproar, but I am doing this solely for research purposes. What for you say? You’ll find out in the future. For now, please, I am asking for people to give their opinions on my following questions about the situation I am about to present. I will be recording these answers but will not attach any names to it, so answer as honestly as you want. I will not judge. If you prefer messaging me personally, then you can do so as well. Thank you all for reading and participating. Feel free to share my post as well on here. I will take as many responses as I can get. 🙂 If you are not interested in this, I will not force you to respond.
Trigger Warning for sexual assault. I don’t wanna make anyone uncomfortable so if anything involving sexual assault of any kind triggers you, do not read any further.
Keep in mind, the scenario is NOT based on me or anyone I know personally.
A person in their mid-twenties is at a party with their friends. They are a bit drunk, but can still function for the most part. As they stumble around the party, they wind up getting suckered into being alone in a room with another stranger. The person winds up, against their will, raping them. The person being raped is visibly not consenting in any type of way, but the other person keeps going anyway. Once the person raping them is done, they leave behind their victim who is still processing what just happened and sobbing uncontrollably unsure of what to do because they are positive no one will believe them.
So now you wonder, okay, Lisa, where are you going with this? Well two questions now arise from this situation I presented. Like I said, answer them as honestly as possible. Please answer number 1 before even reading number 2.
1) So now whether or not you noticed, I did not disclose any genders in this scenario. So without giving second thought, as you read the scenario, what gender would you assume the victim is? Don’t give it a second thought, just answer honestly what gender you envisioned the victim as. Now tell me, without a second thought, what gender do you envision the rapist as? Again, no second thoughts right now, just tell me what gender you saw the rapist as. If possible, can you explain why you see the victim and rapists as these genders?
2) Now that you have thought about number 1, I want you to take something into consideration. Generally, many would think the victim is a female and the rapist a male. If that is what you answered, it is okay. That is the case usually and like I said there is no right or wrong answers right now. Let’s say though, that the victim was a cisgender male and the rapist was a cisgender female? Say they were both in their early 20’s, the victim was not asexual, gay, or bisexual. He just was not into the girl who raped him, in fact he only ended up alone with her because he was trying to help her because she appeared piss drunk and he feared she would be taken advantage of in her state so he just wanted to be by her side, but he was not attracted to her at all just trying to do a good deed. Then, as it turns out, she was not wasted and it was a trap and she took advantage despite him not wanting to sleep with her? Without a second thought, what did you think as soon as the situation turned to be with a straight young male victim and a young female rapist? You can answer this in any way. You can also add whether or not it could be deemed as rape. Again this is all YOUR opinion and I am leaving my own thoughts on this matter out.
Thank you all for your time and responses again~

Special Snowflakes versus the World


Freedom of Speech? Yeah right.

How could you preach freedom of speech when special snowflakes are triggered by every little thing they see nowadays?

What are special snowflakes? They are whiny, attention-seeking little tumblr crybabies that get offended when someone does so much as assume their gender accidentally or mention a topic they are sensitive about in a non-hurtful way.

An example? Last Saturday I posted a status about gender. I said that there are only two genders biologically, male and female. You can only have a penis or a vagina. This is true, as science can prove so with chromosomes.

Before anyone gets triggered, let me explain myself. This is something the special snowflakes who attacked me did not allow me to do. This status derived from an article I read that listed all the “genders” that currently exist on Tumblr. This included THREE HUNDRED different genders. Three hundred. Last I checked, gender is based on what genitalia you have, and if you could only have two types of genitalia, then why are there three hundred different kinds of genders?

I skimmed through the list, but I did not make it through the whole thing. I feared if I did, my IQ would drop. People identify themselves as dog-gendered, cat-gendered, decimal-gendered, and so forth. There are also genders that change depending on your mood, depending on your depression (or the self-diagnosed depression these attention-seeking special snowflakes swear they have) or depending on your period. Any sane human being knows this is ridiculous. If you want to identify as a dog, then by all means do so. Granted, people may look at you funny if you walk around on four legs and lick people, but it’s your life isn’t it? I never knocked anyone for their decision to identify as whatever otherkin they wanted; rather I was stating a FACT that dogs, cats, aliens, whateverelsespecialsnowflakescomeupwith, is NOT a gender. Scientifically, you are either male or female. Even with transgenders, they identify themselves as the male or female. Hermaphodites are both male and female, or either one if they prefer being referred to as one. There is no third gender.

That was the point I was trying to make. If those special snowflakes that commented on my status took a second to understand or ask me what I meant, I would have happily explained. Instead, they did what any social justice warrior (SJW) would do; they jumped to conclusions and got triggered. They got defensive and aggressive, which ironically enough they will cry about if you even do so much as show a bit of aggression toward them. Surely enough, the minute I retaliated, they got defensive.

I was supposed to show them sensitivity. Even though they called me closed-minded, insensitive, and immature, I was wrong for making a status on MY facebook with MY name on it that was clearly not ill-intended or harmful in any way. It would be one thing if I had threatened to murder people, or if I had called them insane and thirsty for attention, but I did not. The status did not insult anyone, and the meaning behind it was what I explained above.

What do I know though? I am just a Cisgendered, priveleged, -mostly- white, straight young woman. That is the logic of these tumblrinas, they can judge you, but you can’t judge or offend them.

Just like how believing there are only two genders makes me “closed-minded.” Never mind that I am not the least bit racist, homophobic, or transphobic. I treat everyone equally and believe no one should be treated differently because of their race, sexual preference, religious beliefs, and so forth. I do not even oppose of transgenders. I believe if a woman believes she is be a man, or a man believes he is a woman, then they can go and be whatever they desire. The point I was arguing was that once you believe you are an animal, that what you are changes with your mood, or that you are a freaking math symbol, you are NOT referring to your gender. Biologically, that it is impossible because anything concerning gender, is male or female. I cannot stress that enough.

If you still don’t believe me, then that is fine. Just as I have the freedom to post about this on MY blog and on MY facebook, you have the freedom to believe what you want to. Just don’t insult people in the process the minute they don’t agree with you. Not everyone will be as nice as I was, not everyone will express their opinion in a way that is not harmful to anyone other than crybabies who come on the internet expecting everyone to care if their feelings are hurt, and not everyone in life will guise their opinion in fear of hurting someone.

I do agree some people take it too far, but there is nothing “dangerous” about posting to a public site about gender just because you don’t agree with it. The only “dangerous” issue in this case is people expecting to make it in the real world with that mindset that everyone will be respectful of your feelings, and that everyone who does not agree with is “closed-minded.” I am sensitive, not as sensitive as these special snowflakes, but I have learned the hard way with how sensitive I am that not everyone cares about your feelings and will be harsh to you just for the hell of it.

To anyone who reacted to my post in a rude way, to anyone who responds to any opinion in a negative way, and to anyone who expects people to care whether or not they are triggered, grow the hell up. Just like you have the freedom to pretend you are alien-gendered and feel raped because a man accidentally touched your hand while handing you your order at Starbucks, people have the freedom to disagree with you in a respectful way and to publicly speak of whatever they want. If this offends you, go cry to your Tumblr blog about it because truthfully, that is your only safe space. No one else gives a shit if you are offended or not. Welcome to reality.