A few projects

Hello all, I know I have not updated the past month. I have been so busy with things in my personal life and I started working with a magazine as well so that has kept me busy. Nonetheless, I plan on making posts again soon. I am working on a one-act play called “Sluts” which will be up soon. I am still working on it.

My project, “My Reasons Why” which I started back in March has not been forgotten about. I initially planned on getting back to it this month but I have yet to finish editing and revising some of the parts before posting it up. I have gotten back to editing and writing so it should be returning by mid-July.

Finally, I have launched another blog. After reading a few television review blogs, I decided to make my own of the television sitcom, Friends. It is updated every Thursday, and the first one was posted today. Check it out! https://televisionreviewed.wordpress.com/



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