When You Can’t Sleep at Night

Why can’t I close my eyes and see peace instead of nothing but the darkness. Why can it not be temporary slumber but rather the eternal darkness I so desperately crave? The knife to my chest, the pills down my throat, the noose on my neck, anything to take away the fucking agony I face on a daily basis that only haunts me in the darkest parts of the night.
These thoughts will truly be the death of me.


3 thoughts on “When You Can’t Sleep at Night

  1. Some days the only solace is to know that the morning will come. That there may be something out there to distract you and give you hope. I hope that your joy cometh in the morning. If not, I hope that you can find peace by writing about your pain and sharing your pain rather than bearing the burden alone. There are others who have felt the pain and are willing to listen.

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