A Scar For Each One

He asks me where each scar on my body came from.
There is the scar below my lip. The mark was inflicted by my first boyfriend who swore we’d be married with children by now yet he is so far gone, I can not even tell you how he is now. The scar is nearly faded yet quite visible if you look hard enough.
There is a slash across my cheek inflicted by that college professor who got too friendly and helped himself to my naïve, fragile body when I was only eighteen. The slash has become pink in color, but only visible when my heartbeat increases and swear pours down my skin as I am left alone in a room with a strange man.
Then there is the scar on my belly. The scar is red and there is still a near-decayed scab on it. The scar was inflicted by my beautiful daughter who never had a chance at her first breath. Her lifespan was four months in the womb.
There are long reddish-pink scars across my thighs. They were inflicted by the first boy I ever really loved that only loved me until he pulled his dick out and came. Then I was just the delicate girl whose purity he stole away and those scars are all that is left of him as he has found comfort in the arms of another.
On my knuckles are scars derived from my fist going through the hard plaster of the wall when I became overwhelmed with emotions I was far too ashamed to express. There was something euphoric about releasing my agony through physical pain.
There is fresh red slits across my wrist. As the blood poured out of them, I would imagine that all of my repressed emotions escaped my body through it. The blade was my best friend. The blade could not call me an attention-seeker or attempt to persuade me that my depression was all in my head. The developing scars were a reward.
Upon my chest lays two X-shaped cuts that were in the process of fading into a scar. This was inflicted by my loving father who I was once close with as a young girl. He died and was replaced with a stranger who was abusive and contained so much anger.
On my heart lays a scar that was inflicted by every heartbreak I endured, agonizing experience I faced, and hurtful person I have met. The scar sinks deep into my heart and once faded, yet it had become s overwhelmed with someone slashing into it deeper each time it was in the process of healing that it has developed into a permanent scar; the scar that never fades.



3 thoughts on “A Scar For Each One

  1. Very powerful post. One thing to remember about scars, the skin heals stronger each time the scar bonds. There is always healing, the scar may leave a permanent mark, but the skin is no longer broken. I hope that your scars bring you healing someday instead of just memories.

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