My Reasons Why 

It’s almost here! One week away from the releasing of my project, “My Reasons Why”What is “My Reasons Why”? It’s a self-written, self-made project touching upon my life and experiences. All my life I have been shy and held things in. Well in this project, I intend on releasing those emotions through the power of writing and spoken word. I will take the listeners and readers on a journey through my life so far and experiences I have undergone. The story will have seventeen parts, each following the format of one of my all-time favorite novels where each part is about someone who affected my life in some way. Real names will not be used and each story serves a purpose that will be described in the final part. Each will be told as though it is a story, but it is all 100% true. It is all based on my life and each experience will be told through my perception. 

I won’t give anymore away, but please keep and eye out for updates as well as the first video, which is to be uploaded next Wednesday at 8pm. The videos will be uploaded everyday up to part 17 and text versions will be Available on my blog. Thank you all for your time and hope you check it out 🙂 

If you haven’t done so, like my page Lisa Speaks Out because all video releases will be there. 


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