The Unrequited Crush 

She glared at him with great wonder. To many, he was just your average guy. At first, he was nothing more than that to her. Now, however, he caught her attention. 

Many guys turned their heads at her, yet none of that mattered because there was only one person whose attention she deeply desired. Thoughts of him plagued her mind and he was the main focus of her dreams. She daydreamed of him holding her and of being his. 

Yet in his presence, she became overwhelmed with her nerves. She became at loss for words and her mind raced. If she gave him even just one glance, her heart would skip a beat. Hearing his voice, especially when he spoke to her, made her weak. She would try to find ways to get near him and his mere touch would get her ecstatic. None of this, however, was apparent to him. He would otherwise think of her as crazy. 

So she kept her affections a secret. She was well aware that revealing such emotions could create conflict and end in tragedy. 

She knew that he did not share mutual feelings toward her. 

She knew that, as badly as she wanted him, you can’t always get what you want. 

So, as much as it killed her inside, she tried to face these facts and move on. 

As much as she should have, she did not take the chance. 

Even though her feelings for him did not fade, she repressed them. 

She found herself pining to tell him the truth, but she lacked the courage to do so. 

She did wind up welcoming the thoughts of him and embracing the feelings. 

The feelings she had for a guy she may never have. 


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